A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A nostalgic visual novel where you design your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with the lonely boy next door. Create an experience that’s all your own in this near-fully customizable, choice-heavy story.


Our Life: Beginnings & Always is a feel-good simulation, as well as a “feel-better” one, where painful emotions such as sadness, anger, stress, and worry can all be expressed, then met with reassurance, understanding, and support.

It’s a wholesome experience that faces large steppingstones of life, while having a focus on familiar everyday moments. With notable amounts of customization for even tiny details, you can enjoy pleasures as simple as having a preferred type of drink and a neighbor who cares enough to remember what it is.

Price:Free-to-Play, with optional paid DLCs
DLCs:The first batch of DLCs are $3.99USD each with three available
16+, for swearing, crude humor, and suggestive content during adult-aged portions of the game
  • 4 different periods of life to experience: childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and fully grown
  • Name, appearance, personality, and pronoun (he, she, or they) customization for your character
  • Change your character's details however you like as you grow, including transitioning to new pronouns
  • Shape your personality, feelings, and preferences, then see them reflected in the story as characters remember who you are
  • 1 love interest, Cove Holden, whose personality, interests, and appearance will develop in a custom way over the years based on his experiences with you
  • Decide for yourself how quickly or slowly the relationship with Cove develops by setting a unique dynamic; from love at first sight to last minute confessions to always being friends and more
  • A welcoming, sentimental story that can easily be enjoyed over and over using new main character qualities or different connection types with Cove
  • 397,000 words, 16-24 hours of content in total 

Plus, an optional feature of having a preset name for the main character that the love interest says out loud through voice lines. Download the free DLC to add that to your game build!

The main story of Our Life from beginning to end will always be free, but if you'd like to support our group and get new scenes you can purchase DLCs! Currently there are two available: the Step 1 DLC and the Step 2 DLC. Both of the DLCs unlock five new Moments, meaning you can get as many as ten completely new Moments to experience.

If you would like to add DLCs to the game, please download Our Life directly from the webpage rather than through the Itch.io App. Using the App reformats the game file folder in a way that can prevent the DLCs from working.

And if you want even more Our Life content, you can consider joining our Patreon! There's sneak peeks for future game expansions, extra update posts, bonus art, a private backer-only Discord, and so on.


Jamie Last (changeable name) has spent the last couple weeks on a summertime high. At eight-years-old, nothing is better than what feels like endless days of school-less adventures, especially when you live walking distance from the beach. While coming home under a scorching sunset one fine evening, Jamie is approached by a stranger. The man is looking for a kid who can do him a favor, and he’s even offering to pay for it. He wants Jamie to please be friends with his only child. The person is Mr. Holden, Jamie’s new neighbor, as well as the father of the odd, and oddly named boy, Cove. Whether Jamie wants to play along or not, Cove isn’t going anywhere. He's present in Jamie's life for far longer than they ever would've guessed.

And then the long days of vacation finally come to an end. Summer may not be able to last forever, but Jamie can take comfort in knowing it will come back again someday…

Our Life: Beginnings & Always released on November 16th, 2020. Two optional DLCs also came out on that day: the Step 1 DLC and the Step 2 DLC. The Step 3 DLC launched on April 16, 2021. Step 4 became available on September 18th, 2021.

Our Life will continue to have content releases. Next on the list is the Step 4 Cove Wedding DLC! The estimate release is Fall 2021. From there, we'll be adding DLCs for Derek and Baxter romances.

Thank you so much for giving Our Life a look! We hope you'll enjoy ☀


Our Life (PC) 679 MB
Our Life (Mac) 644 MB
Our Life (Android, Voiced Name Version) 798 MB
Our Life (Android, Non-Voiced Name Version) 729 MB

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don't know why, but it doesn't want to start on win 10, but much earlier it was working properly (untill i deleted it for quite a while, but i want to experience this amazing game again)
i'll try a couple times more, if i won't add anything to this comment for a couple of days, this means that it's not working

it's working! i think it has something to do with the fact that i have a 32bit system, but it's fine now

i loved this game it was so fun i was actually sad when it ended i love that you have the choice to be trans and stuff it made me super happ6y and i loved all the representation in the game <3 i really love this game alot!

This is a wonderful and warm game that brings a different and frankly long-awaited (at least for me) perspective on these types of games. I loved the story and the characters. And I must say that I fell in love with Cove. Thank you very much for bringing us this story.

This game is beautiful and sweet and comforting, and I've already played it so many times, and I feel like that pattern is going to continue (possibly forever). There's just so much warmth and thoughtfulness in it, and I always catch myself with a big, goofy smile on my face. The characters are all wonderful.

Plus, as a queer, demi, trans, autistic person... it's really nice to see all those facets represented in a game, in a non-stereotypical way. (I actually cheered out loud when it was confirmed that Cove's autistic. I'd headcanoned that based on earlier-game content, but I wasn't sure if I was just reading too much into things or projecting, lol. Downside is, I was playing in the middle of the night and the neighbors might not have enjoyed the sudden "woo!" they heard through the wall. My bad.)

This has become one of my go-to comfort games for when I'm having a bad day after work or for any other reason. And from there, I started looking into your other games, as well, and enjoying those. I can't wait to see what you do next. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us. <3

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I just finished the story today and it was amazingly beautiful 😭 i want to buy the dlc but i will wait for the wedding dlc.  Just want to say thank you for making this beautiful warm story ☺️


If i buy the dlc for Android...do i need to redownload back the game? For each dlc?


No it's ok already got it.... Can't wait to play again with the dlc's!

Hey! I tried downloading this again and it keeps telling me the file is 'forbidden'. I don't know what the issue is since I have an account as well as have tried it on multiple browsing apps. If anyone could tell me what the possible issue is, I'd be thankful!

That probably means your device doesn't want it for some reason. Different builds can be accepted differently by the same device. Maybe this time your virus scanner thinks it's too risky, or it's too large to easily be downloaded without better connection or even more extra space, or that you should download it through the Itch app instead of a browser app. I'm sorry it's being finicky!

I was wondering why isn't the Mac version available on steam?

Our App is third party and not officially approved by Apple. That's a hard thing to do for small groups. Steam requires that special notarization and Itch doesn't. Hopefully someday we'll be approved by Apple and therefore Steam.

Just a question: sometime earlier this year I think I remember hearing that the Baxter and Derek routes would be optional DLC, so I was just wondering if anyone has any news on that? Sorry if I remember incorrectly or I've missed something :)

We're still working on them! But they are coming along.

I see; thanks for the response! :) <3


crying and shaking im so excited to play this ending

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So... I made a comment on the game saying I'd maybe come back to talk about the game once I finished Step 4 and so I will, this game is absolutely amazing, the moments I had with this game are great, it took me many nights to finish the game because I only played it at night when my mom and sister were asleep, this game made me have many emotions and some moments made me feel extremely good, like the failed kiss in the road trip, the first kiss and the confession with cove in Step 2, the fireworks that made me feel amazed and very energetic along with the fireflies that made me feel calm and happy in Step 3, the party and dance was for me the best thing in Step 3, at that point I felt nice, blissful and just... Calm and relaxed, like nothing was wrong, everything was perfect...

There were other very memorable moments for me that I remember with fondness because of some things of mine, like the road trip in Step 2 in which Elizabeth gives you a bag of chips that you can take a fistful of or the little road trip to Kyra's house in Step 3 in which you go to the same place as the road trip in the previous step, I have an older sister that's 3 or 2 years older than me so there were some things I could relate with (depends on the days we have our birthdays) and I used to go to road trips with my mom, dad and sister to some places in the province we live in, one road trip every summer, for 5 summers, we'd prepare things the previous day, wake up early the next one, put the things in the car and get pillows so my sister and I could rest, the places we went to were good and I had happy moments there, times in which I didn't have to care about many things, but the travel to the place is the memory I hold in my mind the most and remember the best.

I got kind of off topic there, sorry... What I want to say is that Our Life: Beggining & Always is a great game, even with a direct crush and love later on, the relationship didn't feel rushed at all and had a good development! I love the last dialouges, about "Our story" and I thought "The end of the story of our life..." both refering to the game's name and the end of the story of the life of Cove and the protagonist, a game that I didn't think really had a certain plot, it had a timeline and events, but it was always about experiencing life, its small details and strong happiness and hardships, it's a game about life and a good one at that, maybe that's the plot, life itself... Our life, the beggining and the always of it...

This game is a game I HOPE and BEG to remember to play again later in life, even if it means next year, 2022, following another route or with DLCs because in this game there are so many different choices and outcomes interconnected with eachother and it's certainly worth playing 3 times or more.

To the person who's still reading this, thank you, you're patient enough to read all the text I wrote, I most likely don't know you and probaly never will and you most likely don't know me and probably never will, but I hope this game has taught you something and I hope you enjoyed it, after all, we're also living our own life, just like the characters in the game, every action and dialouge in your life is like in this Visual Novel, you have choices you make in every step of your life and in the end all of the moments you experience become a memory of what they once were, like the game says.

I hope you have a great life as much as I hope to have a great life myself, I wish you the best and, understand, life is very complex and many things are interconnected, so try not to make a bad use of it and learn from other people's mistakes, if you know you can do something bad for you and/or someone else or follow someone's advice and not do it, don't do it.

I love all who read this VERY long comment and... Well... Not much else to say really, have a great life and have a great rest of your day, just remember that our lives have the potential to be beautiful with our decisions, let's make the best use of it before dying.

Goodbye and good luck.


Are there any nsfw content to buy yet?

There is a nsfw moment available on patreon that it set after the events of step 3!

I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed this game! I especially loved seeing everyone grow up, parents included. It was fun to see what changed about them as you got older, like in real life, especially Lizzie and her name changes as she grew up. They all have a soft spot in my heart. 


I just finish the game and its really good I am mad that I didn't get to see JB (Jelly Bean) from XOXO Droplets >:( she would fit so perfectly in this game but hey it is what it is.

I just finished this game in pretty much one night and I absolutely loved it! I remembered playing the first Demo when it came out, checking again later for the full first chapter and now I'm glad to see it came to it's happy end, which is fantastic! Good job to everyone who made the game possible! 

Also, randomly added comment: For those of you that have seen the movie "Crazy Rich Asians" I feel like that sort of firefly theme of wedding matches this game perfectly <3


i need this in portuguese (brazil) 😭

eu tbm queria aaaaaaa, mas como é um jogo grande e não é nada  conhecido, praticamente, no brasil, é dificil :(, mas eu consegui jogar ele em portugues com o textractor, tu conhece amg?

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não conheço, vou ver, quero muito terminar esse jogo, não sei muito inglês :/ é pra celular? 


Honestly best game I've ever played with, this is my first proper visual novel experience and I have to say this is amazing! I seriously fell in love with Cove and adore him as well as the others character! Thank you so much for this game and all the hard work you all put in it! Patiently waiting to be able to buy the DLCs!!!


i was hoping to see JB (Jelly Bean) from XOXO Droplets :(

Loved it!

This game is so amazing I've put in 100 hours and i'm about to put in more. 


Honestly best game ever I finished all of this is 2 days its pretty addicting.

i loved it


This game was very nice, and I loved the freedom of choice but knowing me, all the choices I chose were probably the most indifferent ones lmao. A quick question though, how many endings does it have? Or is there just one no matter what you choose? Sending love and support <3


As someone who has played the game many many many times I feel qualified to answer this. Altho I am not part of the project or anything like that, just another fan. So this is all just IMO.

It's mostly what is your relationship like with Cove at the end.  Like you can be anything from just former neighbors who don't really talk all the way to a married couple and many things in-between. 

You can love Cove and never admit it or never like Cove and admit it during stage 2, 3 or 4.  Or just be friends or best friends or almost family without having to fall in love or have a crush. If you do have a crush or fall in love, when you admit it (or if Cove is the one to confront the issue) all changes the story. Also what events you  do or don't do etc impact what Cove will talk about, say, feel etc. 

Also Cove can end up being super shy or not so shy or somewhere in between. He can be athletic or studious or some mix of the two. These are things you can set at each stage to override things or you can let this all be based on the choices you make. 

They really let the player control the narrative and its really cool IMO.

You should replay a few times :) 


Wow that actually makes a lot of sense, thank you for taking the time to reply and explain this to me! 


There's no "true" ending to the game! It's very much dictated by what the player does, so in that respect there's a variety of endings you could end up with. I haven't gotten to the end yet myself, but with as many choices as there are, even just in the base game, I'm sure there's a countless number of endings to reach.

Hmmm, that was what I was thinking too actually! I just wanted to be sure if there truly are so i can think about what choices to make to get different endings!


This game was beautiful! I loved every second of it! The fact that we have the freedom to be ourselves and shape the character with our personality (and appearance) is an amazing experience! I totally fell in love with Cove, he's so precious! A game that I definitely won't forget anytime soon! 


This game changed me. I think about it everyday since it was first released as a demo. It's all I talk about help lmaooo /lh 


What I'm not crying i just have something in my eyes

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ugly crying noises// damn you and your wholesome game ಥ‿ಥ


Not me daydreaming about Cove lol it's a really good game anyway Idk why it hasn't popular yet. It would be amazing if we could see MC and Cove raise their children together :>


yes. I hope that is done one day.  I hope adaptation is also an option, seeing as how the Mc is adopted. 


I hope we're not asking for too much but if it was done one day I would cry ngl, Cove just so precious <3

Agreed. If it is too much for a DLC then maybe one day we will see a "Our Life - The Next Generation." (Okay the developer would probably come up with a much better title than that)...  Regardless I would love for something like that to happen :P. 

I'm pretty sure the developer finished it. They had 4 chapters in mind.


ngl but this game really helps me with my depression Cove is a really relatable character and his sweet words just make me feel loved and special and especially the nostalgia it hits different yk. I've read a lot good novels but this one really got me being emotional 😭

Hello there! :)

Just wanted to say how I fell in love with your game, to the point I became a patreon right after my first playthrough and am currently replaying it: you did such an amazing job, everything about it is so beautiful! I'm so looking forward the wedding dlc after downloading all the previous updates <3 

If it is ok, I wanted to ask something though. I'm not really sure why but I couldn't unlock an image in the gallery, more specifically the one labeled step 2-3 .. can you help me, please?

(1 edit)

For that one (2-3), you need to tell Cove about the Deal. That happens in the Dinner Moment.

I love how different his reaction is based on when you tell him. 

Thank you for telling me!


omg i love cove really,this is a great game it's really a masterpiece, sometimes i feel like i'm in love even though i've never been in love :)) but every time i look at his eyebrows I still find him funny haha but it's okay I still love him, hope you make more masterpieces and

 I recommend this game you won't regret it:^))


What I wanna know is why no Pretzel Shop DLC where the MC and Cove pursue the pretzel shop for real, ha ha ha ha ha :P


I've played step 1, 2 and 3 and am playing step 4 without any DLCs but I can say with absolute certainty that this game is BEAUTIFUL! Many things are connected with each other and the development of the relationship with Cove is excellent! I got scared when I heard the song and saw the credits at the end of step 3 but seeing there was step 4 cheered me up A LOT, this kind of games deserve to be very popular, really, a lot of effort was put into this game and it really payed off, the way Cove's personality changes depending on your decisions, the customization of your character, the form of affection you choose to have with Cove and your relationships with others, along with different issues, the hardships of growing up, lots of memorable moments and a great OST, made this game my personal favourite, I've played it for days, a few hours at a time, and I can tell you that I 've never played a game that not only entertained me, but also made me feel such emotions with such ease, I really hope this game becomes way more popular because it deserves the popularity.

Well, I think I made it pretty clear, I love the game, I wrote the whole Bible in a comment expressing my love for it and I wish you good luck finishing everything in this game and the next ones you make! I'll most likely comment when I finish step 4, I already got some spoilers from the internet, but it only makes me more curious about everything!

I also love the game, probably a bit too much. It's just so wonderful. 

i need a bit more info on how cove personality works ;-;

I'm sorry but I don't understand your question.

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Loved this game, beautiful music and art style. Very wholesome. Maybe a little too sweet for me, (but that's just personal taste)  but AMAZING  job!!!

l just played  through without the DLC, but will buy when I have money. If they could come in one big DLC group once the wedding DLC comes out, that would be really cool. (not changing the price, just for one download). 

Does someone know if the DLC for the wedding or Derek and Baxter Route are already out?

I searched Online and looked on Patreon but despite the mention of this DLC there's nothing that either talk about a release date, them existing or a possibility to buy them in the future.

I tried to ask to the game developer on Patreon or Tumblr but never got an answer so I'm trying here or some other people who maybe know when they will come out on Patreon because they probably saw when the post that talked about a possible date release was shared until I wait for a answer from the developer.


I really appreciate that you're interested in those pieces of content, but the answer to that question is on this store page ^^;. It says under Release Structure what's been released, when it came out, and what we're working on next. The Derek, Baxter, and Wedding DLCs are still in-progress but are definitely on the list of what we're working on. I have seen your comments but they've all come in recently and I'm afraid I can't reply to everything super fast all the time.

Thanks and sorry!

I don't really know how it works Itch.io, also this is not to justify my asking too many questions, but despite the young age I have slight memory issues so I end up forgetting I already wrote something so I usually end up writing too many things at once (whetever it's the same question or a different one) but you can ignore the other ones that's fine.

I was a bit more curious about the DLC at the moment so you don't need to answer the others, don't worry about it.

I would delete some of them but I don't know how so if you see any other question from me (wherever it's the same or a different one) you can ignore it since it's usually just me forgetting that I already received an answer or already know the answer.

Sorry again for the inconvenience, hope you have a great day/night!

It's okay! I feel bad when players feel like they're being ignored and appreciate when askers are understanding that it can take some time to get to their comment, but I know not everyone is super familiar with reaching out to devs or best places to contact and that sort of thing. It's not a big deal to try figuring out how to get a response when you're unsure about what to do. Thank you for understanding :]

Thanks to you for being so nice and available despite surely you are already full of questions and work, take care all of you working right now!

Thank you and no problem :D

I have a lil question...So I bought all three dlcs on steam but I also wnat o play the game with the dlcs on my phone...Do I have to buy the dlcs again here?

(1 edit)

Steam and Itch are competitors and Steam doesn't want key trading like that to happen. And they also don't deal in Android builds. Because of that we can't have a way to make a Steam purchase give Android content. Unfortunately, you would have to try to get a refund on Steam and buy them here or not be able to use the Android version. I'm sorry. But there are pros to Steam that Itch doesn't have, so it's not a total loss to get it there.

One question, I downloaded the voiced lines for the names and selectEd Josh (since it's the closest one that I could find for Joshua), Steam automatically put the voiced lines in the game and I clicked on the name similiar to my name but I couldn't hear the characters say it, I thought that only Cove could when my mom didn't said it but I never heard Cove said my name as well and I don't know what to do.

I also tried to keep the base name Jamie just to hear him say the voiced name even if it wasn't mine, but it still didn't worked.

Did I do something wrong?

In case I did there's a solution for it?

I really don't know what to do😅😂


You have a typo . If Cove wins the "You are cute" hangman game he says a nonsense phrase "But... I can still tell what you what it was" 


On my nth playthrough I spent the whole game pining after Cove, entered a relationship with him in Step 4 and proposed to him the very next day. I nearly died laughing at everyone's flabbergasted reactions, especially Liz's, when they heard the news! Oh my god GB Patch thank you so much for creating this masterpiece!! I really enjoyed spending time with everyone, especially Cove, and having my chaotic MC wreck havoc as much as possible 

I can't stop replaying this game and crying. OMG its so good. Thank you for creating this. 


Hello! I've replayed the game entirely to enjoy step 4 properly, but I somehow can't get the dialogue option at the end of step 3 to propose to Cove. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Help please?

correct me if im wrong, but i think you need to be at the "love" level of the interest scale. i dont know if the comfort level matters (direct, relaxed, nervous) but when i went on i was at direct love and was able to. it makes sense, you cant marry someone you arent in love with. so maybe try your relationship levels.

Hmm, I think I was at direct love on step 3, but why not I'll try again and see if that was the cause. Thank you for your reply!

i didn't know that you could propose to him? when exactly do you get the option to do so? :o

In episode 3 on the hill in the ending scene before the credits, when it's still night, so not right before the credits but the scene before that.

Or you can do it in episode 4. Or Cove can do it in episode 4 via another hangman game.  It's soo cute.

On step 3 in the end? I didn't get it.. What choices did you pick? I want to propose to him so bad.. TT

(1 edit)

In order to propose to Cove at the end of Step 3 you need to have the Step 3 DLC, specifically you need to have played the Reflection moment. During that moment ask Cove what his views on marriage are. Just everytime the word marriage comes up you need to hit that option and be positive about it. 

And yes, you need to be in love. Don't forget to choose at the start of Step 3 to tell Lee that you're in love with him but haven't admitted it yet.

If you don't have the Step 3 DLC, no worries! You can still propose to Cove yourself in Step 4. Don't have Cove as a fiance, but express a desire to be committed to him someday. Choose to make preparations for your proposal on the second day, this will prompt a dialogue option later in the night to have a proposal in Sunset Bird, which requires you to sneak out. Then finally, all you need to do is actually propose to him on the last day. 

In order to propose to Cove at the end of Step 3 you need to have the Step 3 DLC, specifically you need to have played the Reflection moment. During that moment ask Cove what his views on marriage are. Just everytime the word marriage comes up you need to hit that option and be positive about it. 

And yes, you need to be in love. Don't forget to choose at the start of Step 3 to  tell Lee that you're in love with him but haven't admitted it yet. 

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