A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A nostalgic visual novel where you design your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with the lonely boy next door. Create an experience that’s all your own in this near-fully customizable, choice-heavy story.


Our Life: Beginnings & Always is a feel-good simulation, as well as a “feel-better” one, where painful emotions such as sadness, anger, stress, and worry can all be expressed, then met with reassurance, understanding, and support.

It’s a wholesome experience that faces large steppingstones of life, while having a focus on familiar everyday moments. With notable amounts of customization for even tiny details, you can enjoy pleasures as simple as having a preferred type of drink and a neighbor who cares enough to remember what it is.

Price:Free-to-Play, with optional paid DLCs
DLCs:The first batch of DLCs are $3.99USD each with three available, a fourth DLC that is $2.99USD released in 2022
16+, for swearing, crude humor, and suggestive content during adult-aged portions of the game
  • 4 different periods of life to experience: childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and fully grown
  • Name, appearance, personality, and pronoun (he, she, or they) customization for your character
  • Change your character's details however you like as you grow, including transitioning to new pronouns
  • Shape your personality, feelings, and preferences, then see them reflected in the story as characters remember who you are
  • 1 love interest, Cove Holden, whose personality, interests, and appearance will develop in a custom way over the years based on his experiences with you
  • Decide for yourself how quickly or slowly the relationship with Cove develops by setting a unique dynamic; from love at first sight to last minute confessions to always being friends and more
  • A welcoming, sentimental story that can easily be enjoyed over and over using new main character qualities or different connection types with Cove
  • Font style and size customization. Hit the "A" key to open a screen that has text appearance options
  • 397,000 words, 16-24 hours of content in total 

Plus, an optional feature of having a preset name for the main character that the love interest says out loud through voice lines. Download the free DLC to add that to your game build!

The main story of Our Life from beginning to end will always be free, but if you'd like to support our group and get new scenes you can purchase optional DLCs!

And if you want even more Our Life content, you can consider joining our Patreon! There's sneak peeks for future game expansions, extra update posts, bonus art, a private backer-only Discord, and so on.


Jamie Last (changeable name) has spent the last couple weeks on a summertime high. At eight-years-old, nothing is better than what feels like endless days of school-less adventures, especially when you live walking distance from the beach. While coming home under a scorching sunset one fine evening, Jamie is approached by a stranger. The man is looking for a kid who can do him a favor, and he’s even offering to pay for it. He wants Jamie to please be friends with his only child. The person is Mr. Holden, Jamie’s new neighbor, as well as the father of the odd, and oddly named boy, Cove. Whether Jamie wants to play along or not, Cove isn’t going anywhere. He's present in Jamie's life for far longer than they ever would've guessed.

And then the long days of vacation finally come to an end. Summer may not be able to last forever, but Jamie can take comfort in knowing it will come back again someday…

Our Life: Beginnings & Always released on November 16th, 2020. Two optional DLCs also came out on that day: the Step 1 DLC and the Step 2 DLC. The Step 3 DLC launched on April 16, 2021. Step 4 became available on September 18th, 2021. The Cove Wedding DLC released on February 7th, 2022. Derek's Story DLC was released September 29th, 2022.

Our Life will continue to have content releases. Next on the list is the Baxter Story DLC.

Thank you so much for giving Our Life a look! We hope you'll enjoy ☀

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(3,415 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Tagsamare, Comedy, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, Meaningful Choices, Multiple Endings, Otome, Romance


Our Life (PC) 748 MB
Version 1.6.3 57 days ago
Our Life (Mac) 712 MB
Version 1.6.3 57 days ago
Our Life (Android) 879 MB
Version 1.6.3 57 days ago

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Soooo, I'm playing on a MacBook Air and have run into a bit of a problem. I was trying to play the soiree part of the DLC but it says on my game that it 'could not find label "soiree_common,' could I have some help?

ALSO! absolutely adore this game; I've yet to finish it (I'm a completionist), but I fell in love with Cove and Derek very quick lmfao

You might need to download an updated version for the main game or the Step 2 DLC or the Derek DLC. That error usually appears if something it's 100% up to date. Or if no DLC Moments are playable that means the DLC could be in the wrong location in your folder. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

How BAD is the suggestive stuff? Does anyone know?

Pretty chill with good jokes, but with all the story I still got nervous with them haha

Alr thx, might actually play this game

I just finished this game honeslty I loved everything about it. I wish I could have a chance to play it over and over!!

I loved the characters, the pacing. Nothing ever felt rush I felt like I was actually in the story with the amount of choices that was available!

I loved every character felt like they had their own stories to tell. I absolutely adored every single one of them and there was not a single time when it felt boring. I was hooked the entire ride!

Cove is such a sweetheart, he reminds me a lot of my husband. I'm glad to have a Cove with me irl. I wish anyone who's reading this will find that person as well. It's truly an amazing experience and feeling <3.

I can't wait to play the next Our Life game! <3

I love this game so much!! The casual representation is amazing and refreshing. 

I also relate a lot to Cove and see a lot of myself in him. It's been refreshing to see 


That's  wonderful.I'll take this game to heart.I was literally in tears at the end of the game.This is a really good game,guys.In the game like spent my virtual life,every time open to shee the interface can not help but smile.Sincerely hope the the game will have more languages.I can't blieve I just discovered this game now.It deserves to  be played by more people!Now let me have a good cry for this game....Thank you to the production team!You are great!!


I think one of the coolest things about this, to me, is how there are so many decisions down to the littlest things that it makes your playthrough feel so unique, like it's astronomically improbable that there's anyone out there who had the exact same playthrough as you. I also very much like just how realistic it is, especially with how some things in life just come and go in life. How we might have loved something or someone at some point and then later on in life never think about them again.

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im still in the process of my first playthrough, ive seen this game a couple times and decided to check it out, and oh my god, this is amazing i can see how much time and effort you put into this! edit: i just finished, this game really impressed me! this was REALLY well made, if your looking for a romance based game, but also! even just friendly, than you should check this out! it even lets you pick your sexuality, even being aroace! and ive been looking for a game that lets you be aroace for a while, anyways this is getting long, but this is a really nice peacefulish game and it will keep you hooked for hours. 

Hey my game keeps glitching and whenever I try to play it gets me out the app anyone know how to help


Happy anniversary, Our Life! Though I'd heard of the game before, I only played a few months ago, starting a save file with my girlfriend... then I ended up so addicted to it that I stayed up til 2-3 am after work playing it. Then when I finished the DLC, I stayed up til 3 yet again to write Cove/MC fanfic haha <3 

 As a VN writer and longtime gamer, Our Life is one of the best visual novels I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It's so fun and never gets old despite how many times you replay. (The variations and callbacks are insane btw, kudos to the GB Patch team for that!) 

 It's so wholesome and lighthearted. The jokes never failed to make me laugh (I loved teasing Cliff and Cove). And the hurt/comfort moments were handled so excellently. The Reflections DLC moment got me bawling so hard. The realism and depth of these characters are amazing. 

 Whoever said the perfect man doesn't exist has never met Cove Holden. (And this is where I took a mini break to cry because I miss him so much.) Getting to know him was such a precious, irreplaceable experience. He's a wonderful friend and playing the platonic route was fun, but honestly? He's one of my Top Tier LIs of all time. Sweet, stubborn, and maybe a little bit spoiled (who can say no to him??), Cove is so easy to love. His struggles in dealing with change is so relatable. The way he can be /our constant/ in a life that's ever changing is so beautiful. I can't wait to replay the game and love Cove all over again!! 

 Derek was fricking amazing too. He's such hardworking thoughtful guy with issues that cut deep (I vibed with having a fam that's very dependent on you and struggling to figure out your career). 


Like I said, the supporting cast was so fun and comforting too. Ma and Mom are lovely, and I adore Kyra and Cliff so much. Elizabeth really felt like an older sibling, and I love the Filipino rep <3 

 All in all, it broke my heart to say goodbye to Sunset Bird, especially since real life changed so drastically, so similarly to the end of step 3. But Cove was always there. Every, "See you tomorrow" came true (especially at the butt crack of dawn, oh Cove). There are no words to accurately describe how returning to Sunset Bird feels so comforting, how being surrounded by all these loving and lovable characters felt like family, and how seeing Cove again feels like home, the way our MC is home to him. 

 Thank you so much, GB Patch. I genuinely can't wait to see more from the Our Life Cinematic Universe 🥺 💜

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i just realized something..Yes you may call me an idiot or a weirdo but- i realized that Our life: Beginnings & Always AND Our life: Now & Forever are like always Summer and Autumn..so this makes me curious. ARE WE EVER GONNA SEE SPRING AND WINTER IN THE FAR FUTURE IF THE AUTUMN ONE WOULD BE SOON-FINISHED IN THE FUTURE!? ..just curious-

just finished........can i say.......AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MY HEART!!

Just finished the game. Now listening to "Ghost of a Flower". Now crying. And listening to the song again. And then crying again. Rinse and repeat until I'm out of tears. Thank you.



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i seem to be unable to install the apk :// ive tried redownloading it and installing it many times over and it just says app not installed. should i be downloading from steam?


I found this game from a random tik tok comment and i'm so glad i gave it a try because i loved it and i even got the wedding dlc, it was so good !! :)

Hello. I really enjoyed the game and decided to buy all the DLC for my next playthroughs, but I can't seem to get them to work. I've followed the instructions, installing all of the DLCs at once and then reinstalling the game, and I've done this twice now, but I've had no success. Am I doing something wrong? I'm on android if that helps.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Did you open the DLCs? Sometimes you need to actually have it boot up, close the file, and then download the next one.

Tried that on my second attempt to make sure that my DLCs were actually installed and it still didn't work. Is it the version of the game that's the issue here? I noticed the DLCs are version 1.6.0, so would I need that build of the game to run them?

If you downloaded all the files from the Itch pages very recently and at about the same time, there shouldn't be an issue with the versions being incompatible with the main game. If you're not sure if you got the files you have at the same time, deleting everything and redownloading them again could help.  It's also possible a virus scanner is blocking the files or that the game needs more space to properly run even if there was room to download the files. I'm sorry for the trouble.

hi. i just recently downloaded it again but on steam and ive been meaning to get the achievements there but it seems like all my saves from itch has been transferred to the steam version as well. is there a way to delete all the saves? do i need a fresh start when it comes to getting the achievements

If i could rate this game 100 stars, I would. It is so amazing. I just started Stage 2 and did the Mirror memory. Thank you for including so many personal options for Mc. It really made me feel seen and brought me to tears. ❤️

Hey I've been meaning to ask, do I have to buy the DLC's again to see the new updates or how does that work?

You can just re-download them from your library! There's no need to buy them again.

Ohhh alright, thank you so much! By the way I really love your games hehe


Aw, I'm glad you like them!

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will there ever be able to work on iPhone?

Maybe, but I have no idea when. 

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i cried hard, very hard during the wedding and credits


For some reason, when I try to download the dlc files on my phone, it says they are forbidden? If anyone knows how to fix it that would be greatly appreciated 

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i stayed up all night for 7 hours and i just want to say.... 

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS!!! Also is it just me or did derrick get a MASSIVE buff huh? XD

Proud of that guy! And the hang outs with cove were super fun, and honestly this was just an amazing game experience.

I loved this like it was so emotional that I actually cried at some parts lol but anyway 10/10 game :)

hiiiiiiiii thank you so much for having this wonderful game.  I really like Cove and I want to see more DLC.  Please do honeymoon DLC and then maybe when they have kids and stuff like that.  I really want to keep playing this game. Thank you so much developer <3

Does anybody know if you can mod this game, and if you do can you tell me a website to download.

I can install the game but whenever I try to play it exists me out. Does anyone know how to fix it or it's normal, I'm an android user.

Does anyone can play it on Android? I am trying to figure out if a problem is with my phone. I can't install it. :(


I don't think I've actually left a review since I originally played it when it first released.

Genuinely such a lovely and immersive game though I'm sure that's been said many many times. One of my favorites, honestly! Though Cove isn't as much my type as Baxter and Derek are, I still love him lots, he's wonderful and has a special place in my heart. 

Seeing this project grow and get the recognition it deserves made me so happy.

I have recently finished Derek's DLC and I freaking love it, is there any chance of Derek's marriage DLC in the future?


I'm glad you like him! But unfortunately, not. The final DLC expansion will be the Baxter DLC and then Our Life will be considered complete, outside minor bug fixes.


Please update the other game </3

Honestly I like to play this game again and again with some periods of time in between to see all the different Coves I get.  It shows how much I changed within those periods of times. <3

I download the Derek DLC and redownloaded the base game like it said. Now when I open game, it closes whenever I press anything. What is wrong?

It's possible something went wrong with the install. It might help to install again now that a little time has passed.

Now says "Problem parsing the package". Why am I doing wrong?

You might need more space than it seems or your phone's virus scanner/firewall might think it's dangerous. Every time there's an update, a few people have the game be falsely flagged as a suspicious. Since there's new files, there's a new chance for part of it to seem too unknown to let run. Seeing if you can tell the phone to trust it or adding more space could held.

Ok so I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to technology, so this could be an easy fix, but can somebody help me? 

I'm replaying through the game , I'm on step three. When I get to the moment selection screen is where I have the issue. Whenever I click on one of the Step 3 DLC moments I get an error. It says "I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While running game code: ScriptError: could not find label 'reflection'.". 

I thought that maybe I didn't have the Step 3 DLC rpa file in the game files, but I checked and they are there. So can anyone help me out and help me figure out what's going on? 

That error means the DLC isn't in the right place. Can you show me what your folder looks like? And did you ever redownload the base game? If so and this isn't your first time downloading it, it's good to make sure there's no older OL files still around on your device. Getting rid of all of that and having just the most recent stuff can make sure there's no issues with mixing up where things are put and what's running.

Okay that was really helpful, thank you so much. There was an update and I didn't move the files to new folder, that's my bad. That's really embarrassing and I'm very sorry. Thank you for your help ^^

No worries! It's easy to miss something like that.


The game was an amazing emotional roller coaster to me. After playing several other "choose your path" stories through my IPhone, I was very happy to see there were more than just two choices to everything. Always glad these games give me the chance to experience a better life than I had, even if they are virtual. ;P

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🤨 normally avoid VN with only 1 LI,but cove is cute.so,yeah..... ><Coves dad is HOT


the way i own every dlc and will continue to purchase every release for this game because it's just. the absolute best. chef's kiss. cove james holden baby you are my everything. keep up the good work!


hey how do i update the game from itch.io online?? do i just redownload all the files?

Yep, just download the newest version available from here! If you got DLCs, you need to copy the files into the new version as well 


I've got to say... After playing it until like six in the morning because I just couldn't stop playing after finishing the whole game. I wish I had a job and not going for job Corp, as I really want to get every single DLC now 😅 that has been all I've been thinking of lol. Amazing game honestly, and one day. One day I shall buy all the DLC's and probably replay it alllll again to another 10 hour game play because it's to good 😊👍🏼

Hello, got to download the game into my phone but I seem to run into the problem of it not running and crashing when interacting with anything in the main menu. It might be my phone but if this is something that happens , can some tell how to fix this? It'd be greatly appreciated 👍🏼

I'm sorry it's not working on your phone, though I sadly can't give any for sure ways to make it run on the device. It's possible the game needs more room to run properly or that your virus scanner thinks the game downloaded from a website rather than the googleplay store is dangerous and won't let it run properly. 

Ah, ok that does make sense that it would probably think of it as something dangerous. But then again it's also probably my storage. But I thankfully got to finish the play through on my computer so I still got it play nontheless so it's not all bad ☺️ but thank you for the help either way


I'm glad you had a way to play it after all!

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